I just want to be surrounded by the flesh of a woman, someone like [censored] who I wanted to just fuck like hell, she made me practically drool, when she wore those shorts to work.. instant hard on.. I couldnt stop staring. and like [list of names] in my gym class, [censored] or whatever in my gym class, and others who I just want to over power and engulf myself in them. mmmm I can taste the sweet flesh now.. the salty sweat, the animalistic movement. Icccchhh lieeeebe ….fleiscccchhh. who can I trick into my room? I can sweep someone off their feet, tell them what they want to hear, be all nice and sweet, and then “fuck em like an animal, feel them from the inside” as Reznor said. oh - thats something else. ..that one NIN video I saw, broken or closer or something, the where the guy is kidnapped and tortured like hell..actual hell. I want to do that too. I want to tear a throat out with my own teeth like a pop can. I want to gut someone with my hand, to tear a head off and rip out the heart and lungs from the neck, to stab someone in the gut, shove it up to the heart, and get the fucking blade out of their rib cage! I want to grab some weak little freshman and just tear them apart like a fucking wolf. show them who is god. strangle them, squish their head, bite their temples into the skull, rip off their jaw. rip off their colar bones, break their arms in half and twist them around, the lovely sounds of bones cracking and flesh ripping..ahh so much to do and so little chances. -11/17/98

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    The pure crudeness and morbidity of this is just really fascinating.
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    Holy shit. My. Kind. Of. Man.
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    my favorite thing to read. ever.
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